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Listings for Underground Trackless Equipment (43)

UAA113 Caterpillar AD40 Trackless Dump Truck

UAA113 Caterpillar AD40 Trackless Dump Truck, model 1997, 17 000 hrs. Ghana, USD$60 900 (26-06-2020)

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USD$60 900

UAC125 Atlas Copco Boltec Roofbolter

UAC125 Atlas Copco Boltec Roofbolter, year model not specified, 80 operating hours. Gauteng, R1.25m (18-01-2020)

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UAY078 Drop Raise Equipment, c/w S36 Pneumatic drifters

UAY078 Drop Raise Equipment, comprising off: 2 Only S36 Pneumatic drifters, 1 only set off controls, 1 only cradle, ±30 only drill rods. Gauteng, R150 000 tot...

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R150 000 total

UAN085 Steel Wheels
UAN085 Steel Wheels, 350 mm dia x 80 mm wide

UAN085 100 Only Steel Wheels, 350 mm dia x 80 mm wide, c/w shafts and plumber blocks. Gauteng, R900 each. For total purchase amounts of less than R20 000, pe...

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R900 each

UAI102 Ford Tractor 1
UAI102 Ford Tractor, underground application

UAI102 Ford Tractor, underground application, 2.1 m high, flame proof certified. Gauteng, R90 000 (20-03-2019) [04-04-2019]

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R90 000

UAB144 Fermel TM400 LHDs

UAB144 3 Only Fermel TM400 LHDs, "as new', under 300 operating hours, excellent condition, ready to go to work, 2 x units are fully remote controlled. Gauteng...

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R1.7m each

UAF004 Joy 14BU10 Coal Loader

UAF004 Refurbished Joy 14BU10 Coal Loader. Mpumalanga, R2.2m (06-12-2018)

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UAK155 Frames, suitable for an EJC208 LHD

UAK155 3 Only New Frames, suitable for an EJC208 LHD, front frames, rear frames and H-frames. North West Province, R1.995m per frame

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R1.995m per frame

UAB142 Fermell LP 400 Scooptram

UAB142 Fermell LP 400 Scooptram, model 2011, 183 hrs. Pretoria area, R300 000 (17-07-2018)

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R300 000

UAK154 Components 1
UAK154 Eimco 913 LHD Components

UAK154 Eimco 913 LHD Components: Front frames, R20 000 each, Buckets, R25 000 to R35 000 each, Banjo housings, R10 000 each, Hydraulic cylinders, POR, Hydrauli...

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