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Referral Commission

1)  Tradepost pays an agent`s commission, to agents that refer clients to Tradepost.

2)  For a client to be registered, person X must contact Tradepost and confirm that he/she has referred person Y to Tradepost, alternatively person Y must, when he/she makes contact with Tradepost confirm that he/she has been referred by person X.   Person X then becomes an agent of Tradepost and person Y gets registered permanent as a client of person X.  Person X receives commission for all items of person Y, that are sold by Tradepost and for which Tradepost receives commission.  Confirmation of referral is strictly controlled.  Allegations of referral subsequent  to person Y contacting Tradepost, will not be acknowledged to register a client.

3)  Agents may register as many clients as possible with Tradepost, irrespective if they want to buy or sell, at time.  Agents must get permission from clients that Tradepost list`s of items available/for sale may be E-mailed to the clients.  The following information of clients must be E-mailed to Tradepost:
3.1) Name and surname.
3.2) Contact telephone numbers.
3.3) E-mail address.
3.4) Residential town or city.

4) Tradepost will keep register of all clients that are referred by agents.

5) 20% Before VAT, of the commission received by Tradepost, will be paid to agents.  Commission is only payable to agents, for items of a client that are sold by Tradepost and for which Tradepost receives commission.