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Please familiarize yourself with the TradePost concept – For details, select link: Click Here

  1. We advertise items that you want to sell on our website.  We refer prospective buyers to the advertisers/sellers.  The buyer and the seller negotiate the selling price and the seller pays our commission.
  2. Our commission is 5% of the final selling price (your price x 1.05263).  In the event that 5% of the selling price is less than ZAR1 000, our commission is a minimum amount of ZAR1 000 per transaction.
  3. Unless specified, all prices exclude VAT, transport cost and delivery cost.

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    Make and model i.e. Caterpillar, if applicable :

    Condition of the Item :

    Delivery Period :

    Operating hours or Kilometers :

    Year Model :

    Location, Country, or if in RSA, the town or province, where the item/s can be viewed by prospective buyers.


    Photographs, which must please be in JPEG format (Camera and cell phone photographs are in JPEG format).  Photographs and descriptions must be matchable, please send separate emails, with photographs and description for every item or item type.

    Attach Photographs

    Attach Photographs

    Attach Photographs

    Attach Photographs

    Price/s, including TradePost`s commission.  Your price x 1.05263, or a minimum amount of R1000 commission for TradePost.  Unless specified, all prices exclude VAT, transport cost and delivery cost. Please ensure that “Your Price” and “Advertising Price” amounts are reflected correctly.



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