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TradePost Concept

    1. TradePost Objectives
  1. TradePost must be the flagship of websites for traders.
  2. Service is our focus.  Serious buyers/sellers our priority.
  3. TradePost endeavour to add value to your business.
  4. TradePost must be your first choice when you want to buy or sell equipment.

TradePost`s business is to advertise on behalf of owners, to find buyers for redundant tools, machinery, houses, farms, anything of value. We also advertise on behalf of individuals, to find items that they are looking for.

We can assist with sourcing of new equipment and also represent companies who design and manufacture plant and equipment on a quotation and order basis.

Our business is to introduce prospective buyers to sellers.

We advertise items that you want to sell on our website.  We refer prospective buyers to the advertisers/sellers.  The buyer and the seller negotiate the selling price and the seller pays our commission.

Our commission is 5% of the final selling price (your price x 1.05263).  In the event that 5% of the selling price is less than ZAR1 000, a minimum amount of ZAR1 000 per transaction.

Unless specified, all prices exclude VAT, transport cost and delivery cost.

Advertising with TradePost and receiving the latest items for sale/wanted lists are free of charge.  The seller only pays commission to TradePost when his items are sold and the buyer has been referred by TradePost.

Once the deal has been concluded, both parties advise TradePost of the final selling price and we email an invoice, with our bank details to the seller. TradePost`s commission is paid, as soon as payments are received from the buyer i.e. deposit`s, part payments and full payments.

TradePost is no longer registered for VAT.