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Confidentiality Agreement


The contact details of prospective buyers as well as the contact details of sellers/advertiser that are revealed with every referral are privileged and are provided on the understanding that TradePost has a right to compensation for providing the information. By accepting and acting on this information, both parties agree to accept the TradePost Confidentiality Agreement as specified below.

Confidentiality Agreement

  1. Both parties acknowledge that they have a duty to inform each other that they have been referred by TradePost and to report back to TradePost on the transaction/s.
  2. Both parties acknowledge that they have a duty to inform TradePost, that the deal has been concluded and confirm to TrdaePost, the amount of the final selling price. TradePost will email an invoice, with our bank details to the seller. TradePost`s commission is paid, as soon as payments are received from the buyer i.e. deposit`s, part payments and full payments.
  3. Both parties acknowledge that they have a duty to inform TradePost of any payments that have been effected.
  4. Both parties acknowledge that they may not divulge this information to a third party without the written consent of TradePost and accept that they will be liable for compensation to TradePost should there be a breach of this condition.
  5. Both parties acknowledge that, in the event that the two parties have been introduced to each other by TradePost, they are obliged to utilize the service of TradePost and that TradePost has the right for compensation, for any further business requirements between the two parties.
  6. Compensation means, commission, as per the “TradePost Commission Agreement”.

Value added tax policy

TradePost is no longer VAT registered.